Apparently Miracle Drug for Cancer That Married

Apparently Miracle Drug for Cancer That Married . Is it true that marriage could reduce the risk or even cure cancer ? Sumatra .vresearchers from the UK claims that a superior cancer treatment is to get married. Even researchers proclaim that marriage can increase the chances of survival of lung cancer patients up to three times. .

The study was conducted on 168 advanced lung cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and radiation for 10 years (2000-2010). .
Apparently Miracle Drug for Cancer That Married
As a result, it was found that one-third of patients who reported marriage can survive up to three years longer when compared with patients who were not married. .

Although previous studies showed that marriage is more beneficial for men but in fact, in this study most patients actually benefited women. .

Known to almost half of the participants (46 percent) women live three years longer if they are married. While a single patient man and can survive longer represents only 3 percent. .

"Marital status emerged as an important indicator for patient survival independently. Reasoning behind this is actually less clear but our findings show the importance of social support in the treatment of lung cancer