How To Fatten The Body

Have ideal body fat is a thin person. For those who want to gain weight, but for those who actually want to be thin is fat that human nature is always not satisfied with the possessed, some people want to buy expensive drugs in order to obesity but does not think about consequences or side effects that may not fat but instead of disease , a lot of talking  .... :D, well below are some ways to fatten the body naturally:

A. Sport

With exercise the body will be healthy, so the body will function properly. Keep at least one week in sports at least once. With a form of exercise that can make you at least sweat.

2. Drinking milk

Milk can also be a healthy addition to fatten your body, especially whole milk. It is recommended to drink full cream milk types twice a day.
3. Chew food

When the food in the mouth then chew until smooth. This is done to facilitate the work of the stomach. Moreover, eating foods that are difficult to digest. Because other than the mouth does not exist anymore on the wrought tlain teeth.
4. Eat regularly
how to fatten the body
Every day eat regularly. Always have breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner time. And which can be interspersed with certain foods.
5. Type of food

Type of food you eat adjust your activities. If you are moving a lot then eat a lot of carbohydrates or fats. Because if the excess, then the carbohydrate and fat will be deposited. In contrast to the protein that the body will not be backfilled.
6. Enough sleep.

Our bodies need a minimum of 8 hours for rest. Always try to nap.
how to fatten the body
7. Reduce smoking and staying up late.
If you smoke, then reduce it, and if you often stay up then lose the habit.
8. If possible, the consumption of egg whites once a day.
9. Check your health

If you ever skinny fat and then try to check your health. If it were not for the disease then at least with tips on how to quickly fatten your body is already there is a change in one month.
Factors that affect weight
1. Genetic factors. If both parents and siblings did have the same problem that is hard fat, then chances are you are genetically thin.
2. There is a metabolic problem, such as a disturbance in the absorption system (absorption) of nutrients in the digestive tract. Or there may be problems in the digestive system. If you include people who experience frequent indigestion (frequent constipation, frequent diarrhea, or often feel pain in the abdomen) a good idea to consult a medical specialist in internal medicine (internist) to determine whether there was interference with your to fatten the body
so first way of fattening the body may be useful ..