Lack of appetite

Lack of appetite
The cause:
    Too hard work / stress / thought something was wrong
    Hold hungry (eating less), excess weight (too thin) or over-acidity in the stomach.
Lack of appetite-The cure:

1. Eat raw salad Koneng friend (saffron) rice warm meal every
2. Turmeric grated and mixed with chicken egg yolk. 1x 4x 1minggu do to recover
3. Eat roasted jaat wear warm rice
4. Koneng Gede (Tembulawak) then mix the shredded duck eggs (manila)-Method No. 2
5. Banana Apu (stone) or banana kepok (king) was burned and eat warm. Do it to recover

Lack of appetite- abstinence :

     Do not eat sour fruits, vinegar, paste

     Do not eat spicy sauce and chili sauce

     Do not eat vegetables coconut milk